The signs are great for advertising your business, promoting a weekend special or for any use in Traffic Management / Road Projects.

Terms & Conditions

Please be aware it is a condition of hire that these Terms & Conditions are read.

Hire Conditions

Rates are based on a Per Day Hire.

The hire commences from when the VMS is delivered on site and activated.

The final day of hire ends at 6pm, unless prior agreement has been made.

Hire charges are levied for the time out on hire, not the time it is utilized by the customer.

Charges are levied from the time the VMS has been provided to the customer as instructed until the time
West Gippsland VMS Hire is notified that the VMS is off hire, otherwise from the start to finish date

Delivery And Pick Up

For insurance purposes, we do notallow delivery/pick up of the VMS by anyone outside West Gippsland Vms Hire.

Off Hiring Equipment

Notify Melbourne VMS Hire that you the customer have finished with the VMS and it is ready for collection, unless an end of hire date has been arranged. The customer must phone 0499 941 867 and speak to a staff member, if this is not undertaken the VMS is deemed to remain on hire.

Permits And Infringements/Fines

Permits may be required from local government bodies, road authorities etc.
The customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits that may be required in connection with the placement of the VMS board. During the period of hire if West Gippsland VMS Hire are asked to remove a VMS board by any authority, we will comply immediately. Any Infringement/Fines or Charges incurred will be at the customer’s expense. Under no circumstances can a VMS be moved by anyone other than staff members at West Gippsland VMS Hire. The customer is responsible if the VMS is impounded or towed away. The VMS remains on hire with the customer until it is released and returned back to West Gippsland Vms Hire. Any Infringement/Fees or charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

Payment Terms

Full payment is required prior to the delivery of any VMS board.

Payment terms of 7 days apply to customers holding an account with West Gippsland VMS Hire.

We will not provide a refund due to an early return or collection of any VMS.

Payment can be paid by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

West Gippsland VMS Hire reserves the right to charge interest under the Penalty Interest Account Act for
overdue amounts, and to pass on any costs in collecting outstanding debts to a registered Credit Agency / Debt


Insurance of the VMS is included in the hire fee.

In a case where a VMS is damaged/vandalized or stolen, West Gippsland VMS Hire is accountable, other than
theft of batteries in which the customer will be held responsible and invoiced accordingly.

Any damage or loss must be reported to West Gippsland VMS Hire on 0499 941 867 and a written report sent via email of damage/loss with photos if applicable to West Gippsland VMS Hire Pty Ltd 06/02/2020